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The 7 Figure Branding Solution is brand consulting with Bukola Dagiloke that brings business transformation and the results you desire setting foundations to building that 7 Figure Brand.

Bukola takes you through a system that will save you time and money when building your brand. The results will be an increased profile and the ability to earn more in your business by attracting clients that are prepared to pay a premium for your product or service.

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A few benefits of the 7 Figure Branding Solution

The right people will trust you and want to work with you

Investors will find your brand more attractive to fund

You will be seen as an authority and have more leverage in your business

Access to more press opportunities will improve your credibility

You will have a clear idea of your brand values
Your Privacy is Protected
Are you ready to be the big fish?

Do you want greater potential to accelerate your business growth ready for the big wide world?

Everyone wants to be a success when they are in business and that often makes for ambitious dreams. But those dreams may never become reality unless you nail the one most overlooked but important part of your business…


When it comes to branding and marketing your business you are effectively letting the world know who you are and sharing your dreams and vision with them hoping the world will fall in love with your ideas and your brand. 

Being the big fish is about being the best in your environment and positioning yourself for the big stage. The key to unlocking your big fish status is branding. Your company, your products and yourself.

It sounds so simple and it really is.

Your brand, your company. What do you say? Is that's what's important or what people say about you?

The truth is your customers and prospects will tell you who you are and you better be ready to accept it, as this is the message you are portraying to the world being projected back at you in real time. They are your mirror, like a window to your soul. If you don't like what you are seeing then there is still time to make a change.

This change is called Branding.

Personal branding, corporate branding, it's all relative. Building a 7 figure brand is about simplicity and communication.

A bit about myself; my name is Bukola Dagiloke. I graduated from the University of the Arts, London College of Communication in 2006. My degrees are in Graphic Design for Communication and Information Design. I'm also an author of an upcoming book "Big Fish Branding" and an international speaker. I use psychology and etymology to enhance my offering as a brand consultant. With a lateral and diagonal thinking abilities I help my clients solve creative problems and provide practical solutions. 

What my work as a creative mindset consultant not about is writing your business plan or doing your marketing for you, I can't secure you investment but I can and will ensure sound brand development advice and supply you with cutting edge marketing tools to help you attract your niche clients. I can help you review your pitch and advise you on creative business strategies to help you map out your journey to 7 figure business success. 
Entrepreneurship is my thing.

My first business when I was 19 was a fashion accessories brand specialising in importing ethnic jewellery from various cultures around the world. I made a few key mistakes which really kicked off my career as an entrepreneur and I really value the learning curve which I can share with you today.

Mistake number 1
I spent half my student loan on stock with no distribution channels set up .

Mistake number 2
I had a very weak brand name with a fairly decent logo. People were not buying into the brand.

Mistake number 3
I tried to set up my own e-commerce platform to sell our products with no plan to drive traffic to the website. This business failed within the first year.

My next two businesses I set up when I was 23, have been a success for 10 years and counting. Through these businesses in fashion, media and brand development I've had the chance to work with celebrities such as Janice Dickinson, Shola Ama, Dizzee Rascal and other UK urban artist such as Chipmunk, Wretch 32, Bashy and many more. Working on live events, seminars, music videos, training courses with schools, colleges, training providers and the BBC.

The next few businesses I set up in the past couple of years are all on route to becoming 7 figure brands. So I have a bit of experience with building businesses in the creative industries and I know how to monetise your startup and build a 7 figure brand.

  What clients have to say...

Julian Hall "The Ultrapreneur"

"Bukola is a great person to work with and I entrusted her with a most important task - The re-branding of my company! She came through with flying colours. I would highly recommend her creative work to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level"

If you are interested in building a 7 figure business it all starts with your brand. Branding is the emotion behind what a person feels, sees and experiences when they interact with your company on any level. At the core, branding is an emotional experience. This all starts with your logo and moves into your operations and communications internally and externally to clients, customers, your team, investors and board members. Your vision and mission is key to your brand and everything is built up from there.

Are you a startup? An established company needing a re-brand? Or a professional interested in improving your personal brand?

I want to offer you my ‘7 Figure Branding Solution’ to give you the kick start you need to create the branding for a 7-Figure Business.

With my tools you will have everything you need to set you on your way, working with your design team or with my support. It all starts with a simple 6 step formula will help you on you way to building that 7 figure brand.

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